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Microlux Light

Microlux Light is simply the best tool to create 2D Lighting Design Plan... and it's FREE !!! 

This version, based on Microlux Professional allows to create a complete and exact plan with all the necessary  paperwork. The main difference from the full Microlux  Professional version are that it offers only a plan view and do not show any beam of light representation.

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Microlux Professional vs. Microlux Light comparison

The following table shows the differences between Microlux Light and the full Microlux 2004 Professional version.

Features Microlux Professional Microlux Light
2-D Views
3-D Views  
Show Beam representation  
Calculate illumination  
Focus Point management  
Generate Instrument Schedule and Shop Order
Allows global assignment modifications through the instrument schedule
Export any  information contained in the Instrument Schedule
Libraries from major manufacturers (Spot, Truss, Gel, Gobo, Object and Theatre)*
Handles Moving lights parameters
Calculate weight on truss
Graphically displays the iris, barn door and color changer
Imports drawings from other CAD software in DXF and DWG formats
Easy assignment of channels, dimmers, circuit, filters, gobos, beam angles, Lamp power, truss and more.
Print Plans and Schedules**

* The complete library is available to registered users only.
** All printed documents with an unregistered version of either Microlux Professional or Microlux Light will have an "unregistered version" note on it.

Your Options...

Two versions of Microlux Light exist...  "Microlux Light Free Trial", and "Microlux Light for Registered Subscriber".

Microlux Light Free Trial Microlux Light for Registered Subscriber
This version is offered free of charge to any Lighting Designer who whish to try it. If you have no budget or simply wish to open and view Microlux files, this version is for you.  This version is offered, at a minimal fee, to any Lighting Designers who are satisfied with the Microlux Light functionalities and whish to use it extensively.


  1. A mention that your version is not registered will show on all printed documents.
  2. You will only have access to the default libraries. No Internet updates of your libraries. 


  1. Professional Printing quality
  2. Access to any library updates
  3. Customer Support via Internet



Minimum System Requirements

  • IBM PC or compatible, Pentium 300Mhz or higher. Intel or compatible processor.
  • Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT or XP operating system.
  • 128 MB of RAM.
  • 150 MB free hard disk space.
  • VGA or better display.